Linux Links

Best Linux shows on the web: Jupiter Broadcasting

Jupiter Broadcasting is one of the best resources on the web for information about all things Linux, and then some. We support them, and you should too!

How To Linux, also from Jupiter. Follow their tweets @howtolinux

Learn all about the Linux Kernel at Kernel Newbies

Linux Distribution Site: Distro Watch

Antivirus software for Linux: ClamAV and GUI ClamTK

Defending your web rights: Electronic Frontier Foundation

SSD Cloud Server: Digital Ocean

Guide to Linux Shell Scripting: Tutorial

Run your own local cloud server: ownCloud

PHPMyAdmin Tricks and Setup: Tutorial


Ubuntu Linux Toolbox is a great reference for any Ubuntu based distribution, like Linux Mint. We use and recommend this book as a must have in your library. Available at

Fun Stuff

Like to build stuff?

Try Open Source for all kinds of neat projects!

Also head over to Raspberry Pi for even more cool projects!