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Off-Line Maps For Android

If you’re like me, you don’t want Google knowing your every move when you’re using your Google Maps software on your Android phone.

While casually strolling through the available packages in the Package Manager, something really cool caught my eye, The Mobile Atlas Creator::

Package Manager showing Mobile Atlas Creator

Package Manager showing Mobile Atlas Creator

Reading through the program description, it seemed to be just the thing to create off-line maps for my Android phone.

Besides the above package, you will also want to download a companion, off-line mapping system for your phone. In my case I chose to install TrekBuddy.

After getting these two programs installed, the next thing to do is create your maps.

Launching the Mobile Atlas Creator from  Menu –>Education you are presented with the following:

Mobile Atlas Creator

Mobile Atlas Creator

First thing to do, is open the Preferences, and select the type of device you wish to create maps for:

Mobile Atlas Creator

Mobile Atlas Creator

Next, it’s time to create your desired maps:

Mobile Atlas Creator

Mobile Atlas Creator

During this operation, you choose the map elements you wish to send to your phone, as well as the zoom lever of the maps. Of course the more zoom levels you select, the more map elements will be downloaded.  The maps are download from your chose of several map engines, like Google maps, Lycos, Mapquest etc.

There is a software limit of 500,000 map elements in a single download, and it can take quite a long time to get all the elements.

In my case, I chose a single zoom level of 12, which game me major street names and enough detail to find what you are looking for.

Mobile Atlas Creator

Mobile Atlas Creator

As you can see in the above example, if you select too many map elements and levels, you can end up with a very very long download!

Lastly, it’s a simple matter to dump the folder with your maps, on to your phone’s SD card, and then selecting that folder from your Android application.

Now, with my GPS turned on, but my WiFi and Phone data turned off, I can see right where I am, as the GPS uses the downloaded maps.

It’s a simple matter to have several map directories for the areas you use the most when navigating.





Android: It Could Have Been A Disaster!

For the first time in the year that I have owned it, I found it necessary to plug my Android phone into my lone Windows computer here on the farm.

The message I got, had I not ignored it, may have found my phone reformatted to fix a nonexistant problem!

Windows Warning Message

Windows Warning Message

I of course knew better, but one has to wonder how many phones have been possibly bricked by a user panicking and allowing Windows to fix their phone’s file system!

Dump Windows, get Linux and never worry about this kind of stuff again!




Android: GnuCash Checkbook Manager

There is a new Android application you will love if you use GnuCash for your book keeping needs. We love the desktop version, and can’t wait to get the Android app up and running!

I’ll let the folks over at Tech Republic tell you all about it: CLICKY

Android: Remote Launcher

If you love Linux, then you likely have an Android, and today I’d like to tell you about an application that is a must have for your Android tablet or phone.

The Application is called Remote Launcher, and is about the handiest thing in the Google Play store.

Remote Launcher

Remote Launcher

It comes in two flavors, a free version, that will work well for 99% of your needs, and a paid version, that for only $1.99, will give you the ability to configure launchers right from your phone, and access multiple servers.

The application is the client, and you’ll also need to download the server software for Remote Launcher. (You can get it Here) The server software will run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Once everything is installed, the magic can start to happen. Start the server, and tell Remote Launcher what you’d like it to do. Absolutely any Windows or Linux command, shell script, batch file, you name it can be launched.

My primary use, is to control the 8 cameras in our goat pen. but it also lets me do things like reboot my streaming server, restart my streaming software, etc.  Along with an IP switch from Digital Loggers, we also use Remote Launcher for some home automation, like opening our driveway gate, turning on a large compressor and other neat stuff!

With the paid version, I can control any computer on my network, and with the right port open on my home router, from anywhere in the world. (Remote Launcher allows you to change the port assignment to anything you wish. Nice for additional security!)

So if you want an easy way to control your computer, or set up home automation, give it a try!