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Learning: Bash Scripting Is Your Friend

Linux is a very powerful operating system. and if you’re not using it, you really should be!

That said, once you get your new Linux machine up and running, consider learning how it actually runs!

By learning Bash, or shell scripting, you open up tons of new doors into your computer. You can use scripting to do all kinds of useful things. I use scripts to prune system logs, update multiple machines on my network at once, and lots more.

The best place to learn Bash, is the wonderful Internet source: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

You can use the web site above, or from your Package Manager, you can do a quick search for, and then install: abs-guide

Package Manager, installing abs-guide

Package Manager, installing abs-guide

The author of this great tutorial, assumes that you have no experience at all with shell scripting. The site or software will take you step by step in how to write simple, and later more complex shell scripts.

Go at your own pace, understand the current lesson, then click Next  at the bottom of each page and keep going! The site has dozens and dozens of Bash scripts, that you are free to use, modify, and enjoy.