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One Fish, Two Fish, Bluefish!

If you take care of a web page of any kind, or wish to start dabbling in software programming, then  Bluefish is a tool you should have on your Linux computer.

Bluefixh editor

Bluefish editor

Installed from your Program Manager, just search for Bluefish.

More than a simple text editor, Bluefish has many handy tools to make your HTML5, PHP, SQL, and other languages much easier to deal with.

I’m a hardware guy, not a  programmer. However, using Bluefish, I can build a web page quickly and easily. Editing style pages for off the shelf templates is a breeze. Building pages from scratch, even with my limited abilities is straight forward.

Bluefish has a nice feature, which gives you wizards for many of the boring tasks in building a web page or writing code. As in the example above, a couple of mouse clicks runs you through the process of creating tables or iframes. The wizard gives you the syntax, and you just fill in the data!