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Let’s Be Silly: ASCII Cow In Your Terminal

After a very stressful week here on the farm, I decided to actively look for cute little ditties that are already installed in Linux Mint.

Spending so much time in a shell terminal, I was pleased to find a lovely little ASCII cow who will say whatever you tell her. Indeed, you can even have the cow give you your fortune cookies or tips of the day, when you open a new terminal.

Cowsay ascii cow


After you open a new shell terminal, just type the following:

~ $   cowsay Hello World

And say hello to your shell terminal cow!

It’s quite a versatile cow, and I found a blog that will take you through some of her abilities. You can find that info HERE

Personally, we just enjoyed the old-time ASCII graphics. It took us back to our BBS days. Anyone else out there ever use the old ANSI Animator from back in the DOS 2.11 days? Good times!